Four Stages of Baseball Growth

Success in baseball requires repetition of refined skills across a variety of game facets. 

At HP Baseball each player is led and developed through their personal performance journey – a journey that is unique to them. Our coaches will determine which stage each player is at and design training and learning plans to suit their specific development. These stages include;


We focus on teaching key fundamental skills, laying the groundwork for success. Through expert tuition, they gain confidence and build a strong platform for future development.


Players execute skills automatically, we foster expertise, enabling focus on game aspects. Our goal: well-rounded athletes with strategic thinking and composure under pressure.


Players consistently excel game conditions. They refine skills for top performance pressure, understanding the game adopting essential mental approaches success.


Excellence in baseball requires consistent performance, even in tough matches. Our players aim for college, semi-pro, and pro opportunities, guided to achieve their goals.

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Elevate Your Game with Stu 'Chilli' Hanrahan: Your Baseball Excellence Mentor

Meet our founder, Stu ‘Chilli’ Hanrahan, a seasoned baseball coach and PE teacher with over 35 years of experience. With his innate ability to develop core skills and elite game understanding, Stu will be your mentor, guiding you to reach new heights in your baseball career through a personalised development plan.

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