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At High Performance Baseball, we offer specialised training clinics in various areas of the game to enhance players’ skills and knowledge.

Infield Training

Players who undertake our Infield Training will develop:

  • One and two-handed glove work skills
  • Footwork capacity and its application
  • Throwing using the whole body
  • Specific positional play
  • Expertise in making specialist plays
  • Core understanding of playing a specific position during game play

Hitting Training

Players who enrol in our Hitting Training will develop:

  • Comfortable and relaxed set up
  • Line drive swing path
  • Bat speed and bat control
  • Effective weight transfer
  • Capacity to generate power from the bottom half
  • Strategies for approaching game ‘At Bats’
  • Mental approach to hitting

Catcher Training

Players who participate in our Catcher Training will develop:

  • Proper stance, including techniques for applying one knee down
  • Effective receiving skills for all types of pitches
  • Blocking techniques
  • Fielding skills as a catcher, including pop-ups
  • Throwing to all bases
  • Pitch calling and working with pitchers

Pitching Training

Players who participate in our Pitcher Training will develop:

  • Proper pitching mechanics
  • An understanding of a variety of pitches, including how and when to throw them
  • How to bullpen effectively
  • Picking off and holding baserunners
  • Fielding as a pitcher
  • Arm strengthening programs
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